Stud service



Tove’s Australian Labradoodles offers stud service to approved breeding females through natural breeding or AI /Artificial Insemination. For artificial insemination, we work with our Reproduction Specialist, here in Turku Finland. There, they will collect the semen, check the quality before it is packaged & then they will ship it directly to your vet’s office for your use. It will arrive within 24 hours.

Tove’s Labradoodles will provide for you:

  • A copy of the pedigree
  • A copy of all health testing
  • A copy of Stud contract

Our Requirements of Dam Owner:

  • A copy of pedigree.
  • If AI is done Dam owner is responsible for all charges related to collection and shipping of semen.
  • Dam owner agrees to have all puppies spayed or neutered prior to leaving to their pet families unless retained as breeding stock/ or spay/neutr contract. (different requirements by country)
  • If you would like a copy of our complete Stud service contract please email us.

Thank you for your interest in our Stud boy. email: toveslabradoodles @

Breeder member of ALAA

Tove’s Australian Labradoodles breeder member of the ALAA the Australian Labradoodle Association of America.  We adhere to their health testing recommendations and code of ethics and standards.



We are located in Turku, Finland. We have three Australian Labradoodles. that live in our home with us. All of our breeding dogs come from quality lines with excellent pedigrees. They are our loved furry baby’s.

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