Kenchii Scorpion ohennussakset 46


1 varastossa

1 varastossa

Korkealaatuiset lemminkin parturisakset ammattikäyttöön tai kotitrimmaukseen. The Kenchii  Scissor has been created by Kenchii who are renowned for creating the finest and most innovate grooming tools in the world.

  • Suora terä
  • Materiaali: ruostumaton teräs
  • Kokopituus: 7″
  • Sormituki
  • Kiristyksen säätöruuvi


The Scorpion model is fantastic for everyday grooming.

This affordable, durable shear is perfect for the beginners, home groomers, and seasoned professionals.

Model Information

Model: KESC Scorpion
Thinner: 46-tooth (Total Length 7.0″)



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